Quick Start


From PyPi

  1. Run pip install ezprez

From source

  1. Clone this repo: (put github/source code link here)
  2. Run pip install . or sudo pip3 install .in the root directory


For just plain text slides the easiest way to get started is just using the Slide and Presentation objects:

from ezprez.core import Slide, Presentation

# Create a slide object (don't need to assign it to a variable or anything it's added to presentation on instantiation)
Slide("This is the slide title", "this is some content")

# Setup the actual presentation settings
presentation_url = "https://kieranwood.ca/ezprez-example" # The URL the presentation will be hosted at
prez = Presentation("This is the presentation title", "This is the presentation description", presentation_url)

# Export the presentation in the current directory at /Presentation
prez.export(".", folder_name="Presentation")

There will then be a folder called Presentation, and inside the index.html file will contain your presentation. Just put that up on a static hosting service and you're good to go.

Where to go from here

I would recommend looking at the Slide object documentation, and the Presentation object documentation.

You can also check out some of these external resources:

Template repository for bootstrapping projects

Example presentation: Live demo, Source Code