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An object based api for generating web presentations/slideshows

What does ezprez do?

Let's you write simple python scripts to generate web presentations/slideshows

Features & Roadmap

Simple class based api

The api iteself uses native python classes to create presentations in a short script that's easily editable

No web experience needed

Since this is a pure python API you can write web presentations without knowing HTML

Backed on a reliable web framework

Webslides powers this project and is a well-tested and stable web framework.

Why should I use ezprez?

Ezprez is the simplest API for writing web presentations without needing explicit knowledge of web development. If you are looking to create powerpoint style presentations python-pptx or the google slides api is better suited for this job.

Who is ezprez for?

  • People who want an easy way to create web presentations without editing html
  • People who know python but not web development technologies

How to start using it

Check out the Quick start to get started